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The Joseph Nesteriak Memorial Trail.

Legion Pool Park Pic#1Enlarge Photo
The Joe Nesteriak Nature Trail begins at The Legion Pool parking lot and wanders past the Legion Pool trout pond, through Chatfield Park, and over a number of well groomed trails and bridges within the Cowtown Woods. Used for exercise, exploring, or just to enjoy a nice spring day, this trail was developed for people of all ages and physical ability. Most areas are developed to be easily accessable by wheelchairs and other walking aids.
Trout Pond Deck PicYour journey can begin or end on the deck of The Legion Pool Trout Pond feeding the ducks and many record sized trout. A couple of quarters will provide you with a generous portion of trout food. Hundreds of trout will become active with the feeding, Often you will be splashed from all the activity. This seldom seen sight will open the eyes of anyone participating. Catch & Release fishing is permitted. Members are welcome to cast a line with close attention and respect for our simple set of rules
Bladen Brook Walking Bridge PicContinue your journey over Bladen Brook Bridge to our Island Gazebo. The Bladen Brook Bridge gives you a fantastic view of a typical New England Stream which runs heavily all year long. Looking over the edge you will see teams of Golden, Brook, and Brown trout basking in the fast running cool water as they wait for bugs and berries to float on down.
Bladen Brook Upstream Piclooking up Bladen Brook often gives you a unique view of nature at it's best. Often you will see a wild herron or hawk resting in the trees, looking for an unsuspecting fish to snack on. The rocks upstream provide a perfect place for pairs of trout to spawn in the early spring. They will dance for hours in the nooks and crannies of the spring rolling river.
Island Gazebo Pic#1The Island Gazebo provides terrific shade and a place to picnic away from the bussle of beaches and state parks.

Bring a blanket, your picnic basket, and what ever else gives you peace of mind to have the most relaxing day of you life. Seldom will you be disturbed as you enjoy your favorite book under the shade of the giant oak and maple trees.
Island gazebo Pic#2The Island Gazebo is dedicated in memory of Ruth Cochran
Carrage Bridge Pic1Looking to stretch your legs the Joe Nesteriak Nature Trail still has lots of options and suprises ahead. Once traveling over the Carrage Bridge replica you can choose between to just a leisurely walk around the lake or to continue along the trail through Chatfield Park where the children can play, into the newly developed trails of Cowtown.
North trail pond exit PicThe Trout Brook Carrage Bridge is dedicated in memory of George Foster.

Traveling up over the hill opens the door to ball fields and a great children's playground at Chatfield Park. A jogging track is soon to be built at the park for the more energetic and fitness minded.
Crooked Maple Trail PicJust continue around Trout Pond and past the Henry Hamel Environmental Center to make your journey short. Take in some great views of the waterfall as you go.
Falls at Legion Pool Pic1The Falls at Legion Pool are often breath taking during the spring thaw or after a heavy rain. Another popular place to see fish schooling or other wildlife on the hunt, this is the type of wildlife refuse the Seymour Land Trust preserves and encourages.
Chatfield Park trail connectorTraveling through Chatfield Park to the Cowtown trails will give the children a break from nature and burn a little of that extra energy you used going up the hill.
Spring horses at the playgroundWith slides, swings, and spring horses you can relax as your children enjoy this premier Town of Seymour maintained playscape.
Chatfield Park Basketball CourtA little One on One or go for a full court game on the Chatfield Park Basketball Court. Often the locals are there to help add to your team or just provide good competition
Chatfield Park Softball FieldOut for a game of softball or just enjoy the local little league playing a good game. These facilities are kept in tip top shape by our friends at the Town of Seymour Public Works Depatrment.
Cowtown entrance bridge picEntering the Cowtown trails you pass one of the oldest Charter Oak trees in the area. This tree outdates the original cow pastures that were predominant to the area and reason for the cowtown namesake.

The Triple Loop of trails within the Cowtown trail system provides a great place for novice hikers to learn mapping and trail marking. Small enough to not get lost but large enough for adventure and excitement, this trail system is a 2005 highlight developed by the hard work and contributions of the Seymour Land Trust Members, Local Business, and Charity Foundations. You will frequently find our local Scout Troops out cleaning up the trails and improving our trail marking systems.
Arch Bridge picWith slides, swings, and spring horses Trout Brook and the hand build bridges within the Cowtown trails provide a solid reference point and many unique areas for natural habitat. Abundant with Birds, Fingerling Fish, Turtles, and other creepers and crawlers, this nature trail provides a wealth of knowledge and experience to be unveiled by young and old. Rarely will you walk the trail and not discover something new.
Flat Bridge over Mud Brook The bridges are all built to be child safe and handicap accessible. Although a watchful eye is always necessary, The Joe Nesteriak Nature Trail provides the best opportunity in the valley for youngsters and those not able to hike area mountains to really experience nature. At the same time those small critters losing their habitat to development and pollution have a wonderful refuse to live their lives as intended.
Open trail in CowtownA little Finding new places or exploring new loops gives youngsters the freedom of exploration while never leaving your watchful eye. All trails are well kept with no suprising exits to endanger your young scouts. Let them explore and feel the excitement of finding new places or ways to go. They all loop back to you.
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